Ole lauga ile suafa mamalu ole Atua le Tama le Alo male Agaga Paia amene.

Tusi Faitau: Ps 25:1-11 Hebrew 5:11-14.

  • The Psalmist portrays a disciple seeking instruction and direction.
  • He wants to know the ways of the Lord
  • To walk in his paths, and to grow in his truth.
  • He also appears as a sinner seeking forgiveness.


There were four brothers discussing what specialties they should master.
One suggests: Let us go out into the world and learn a special science. They agreed to meet back home after four years and off they went, each in a different direction.
They came home after four years and they shared what they had learned.

The first brother said: I have mastered a science, that if I have a bone of some creature, to create straightaway a flesh that goes with it

The second brother said: If that is so, I know how to grow that creatureís skin and hair.

The third brother said: I am able to create its limbs if I have the flesh, skin and hair.

The fourth brother said: Well, I know how to give life to that creature, if its form is complete with limbs.
So the four brothers went into the jungle to find a bone, so that they could demonstrate their specialities. They found a bone. Unfourtunately the bone they found was a lion, but they did not know it.
So they worked on it straightaway. One added flesh to the bone. The second grew the skin and hair, the third completed it with matching limbs and the fourth gave the lion life. By the time they realised it, the creature they created turned around, and destroyed them all, and vanished into the jungle.

This portrays (pictures) the world/life that God has given us. God has also given us the knowledge/ wisdom to know things, how to live in this world. More than that, God has come to us in person = (Jesus Christ) the xmas that we have just celebrated, guarantees us of that knowledge/wisdom so that we would never go astray = He is the way the truth and the life.

Xmas is not only to celebrate but also a time to meditate. A time that each and every one of us has to fully examine yourself & fully look at yourself and ask: What is the real meaning of Xmas for me?
Like the character in the Psalm, he looks at himself and knew/realised his sinful nature. And then his soul, the centre of the whole being. He raised his whole being above earthily interests so that he may focus on God alone.
Here follows a plea for Godís guidance in all his truth.
Lord show me the path where I should go. Teach me the right way for me to walk. His spiritual being needs the guidance and direction by God. His faith rests on the mercy/love/forgiveness and goodness of God.

You have the knowledge/ wisdom, that the Lord of Xmas has give (gifted) you. You are now in that stage of your life when that knowledge/wisdom is always put to the test. To use it selfishly, remember the four brothers they created a character, a monster that destroyed them forever.
(Whatever you pursue, remember the Psalmist and his desire to seek the ways of the Lord).
The author of that Hebrew Epistle reminds the Hebrews of their spiritual immaturity and warn them against the danger of falling away from the teachings of the Lord. Their understanding of the Lord is limited by their own spiritual condition.
He likened them to those who stil feed on milk and not solid food. Like a child who never advance from milk to solid food. Those who hear and not doers. They lose what they do, not use it. They remain in a state of infancy.
As you in that process of learning, of experiment, do not experiment everything. Thatís not learning. The first step, To want to be guided and realise that, Godís guidance is found mainly in His Word eg Ps 119:105
ĎO au Afioga, o le sulu lea i ou vaeÖ
By reading and by learning from it you will gain the wisdom to perceive Godís guidance for your life.


Rev Fa'auuga Siitia. Samoan Presbyterian Church Lakemba NSW Australia.

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